This is a Post About Winter Break

This winter break I stayed in Connecticut. My sister did not. She visited California, but had forgotten to bring warm weather clothes home from school so she stole all of mine. I’m not bitter at all.

Christmas was fun; I got Despicable Me 2, a minion shirt, a minion stuffed animal and a minion tree ornament. My family knows me too well, and luckily they don’t judge me for being overly obsessed with a children’s movie.

While in Connecticut, I got the opportunity to volunteer at a preschool in my town. I spent six hours a day keeping 15 germ factories from throwing sand and drawing on tables. On the other hand, they were the most adorable kids I have ever had the pleasure of meeting, despite the fact that I am a little nervous around kids.

Most of the rest of my break consisted of decompressing after a long semester and catching up on sleep.  I visited Mawrtyrs and we complained about how we weren’t on campus and wished we were. I visited friends from high school and we caught each other up on stories from our semester and made sugar cookies.

The thing that is great about winter vacation is that it is supposed to be restful; I feel like I’m supposed to relax and spend time with my family and friends and don’t feel pressured to be doing resume-changing activities. It was a great time to get caught up on Netflix, watch the Golden Globes and fall in love with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, and resent the fact that Bryn Mawr got more snow than my hometown did. The last point was actually a good thing; it is much easier to run in the bitter cold and wind than through the snow. It’s like running on the beach because your feet slide backward with every forward step, but much colder. Luckily for me, I had snow-free streets and a stationary bike from the 80’s in my basement, so my track season is safe.

Although break was restful, I’m now back on campus and excited for a new semester, especially with Hell Week right around the corner.


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