This is a Post About Snow and Hell Week

This week we had our first real snowfall, something that is always fun to be on campus for because all of the Californians who have never seen snow are so excited, and also confused. My friend and I were in Philly, going Christmas shopping, so we headed over on the SEPTA with all of the Eagles fans who were going to see the Eagles/Lions game (the game was interesting; it’s hard to play football in several inches of snow). The snow in the city was fierce, and after a delicious lunch of pizza (pictured), we decided to head home.

snow day


This involved a stop at Insomnia Cookies, since we passed right by the shop and the snow was coming down pretty fast. Most people in the city weren’t super excited about the snow; we passed a man on a bike letting out a few choice words, but there were the occasional college students sliding down the sidewalks though the drifts, clearly just as excited as we were.

snow day2


That night we had our cross country banquet, to which Coach brought a chocolate fondue and many running-related jokes. That night, I also got another hellee!! Or, I should say, my hellee got a hell sister! I was dragged out of my study hole to the library, where a Christmas tree was set up in Taft with gifts under it and Christmas music playing. It was very exciting and my hellees are in for a great hell week!

snow day3

Then on Tuesday, when it snowed again, I took my hellee sledding for the first time (she’s from California so hasn’t had the pleasure). We showed up to our Spanish class covered in snow and rosy-cheeked, and I think my professor was pretty jealous. The snow day wrapped up when we returned to the hills of Bryn Mawr to make snow angels, sled, and have a pretty intense snowball fight.

snow day 4

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    Sounds like a really fun day! Kudos to you for living it up!



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