This is a Post About the Phillies


all photos by me


Last night I went to the Phillies game. Who knew the Blue Bus ventures outside of the Tri-Co? The Phils had a rough first few innings, but put up a fabulous fourth inning to keep themselves in the game. Of course, they ended up losing anyway. To the Mets. Not a great week to be a Philadelphia fan. There were some exciting plays; like a great run and probably an athletic sidestep from Ruf, who somehow dodged both the Met’s third baseman and shortstop to make it to third. Just goes to show that those younger guys are good to have on the team, even if the seasoned sluggers add a lot (I’m looking at you, Howard, Utley).


the liberty bell didn’t ring all game

The game was fun (a few hours spent heckling a sports team is a good time in a Philadelphia fan’s book). There were a couple of funny moments with the crowd cams and the kiss cam; I overheard a few people plotting how to best video-bomb every single shot. I don’t think they were successful, but it was a good idea. I got my fill of cheesesteak and water ice while spending some great quality time with the members of my team – we all decided to buy tickets through Student Activities together. There was something for everyone: cotton candy, some time out from homework, and of course, Cole Hamels in a pair of baseball pants.



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